Nexialist Digital, why your company can benefit with this professional

By Leandro Endo

As I write this article, dozens of new digital marketing, productivity and management tools appear on the internet. According to a survey conducted by the, the global market has more than 8.000 digital solutions, in the areas of Email Marketing, Web Experience, Web Analytics, Audience Data, CRM, Chat Bot, among others …

Map with 8000 digital solutions. Click to enlarge.

With so much novelty being born at all times, it becomes impossible for any professional to know in depth all technologies and their benefits.

If on the one hand the expert professional is focused on solving a specific group of issues, on the other, the Nexialist works, for example, to understand the correlation between digital assets and the positioning opportunities of a company, in the complex chess of the competitive digital market.

Where does the term “Nexialist” come from?

The book “Voyage of the Space Beagle”, written in the 1950s by A. E. Van Vogt, tells a science fiction story, where a group of scientists aboard a spaceship navigates distant planets.

The central character, Dr. Elliott Grosvenor, was the only nexialist on board. In several dangerous situations it was Elliot who emerged as a hero, thanks to his ability to integrate different subjects or disciplines such as psychology, chemistry and physics in the search for the solution or salvation of the team.

History shows us that it is not always the expert who finds the solutions, just as generalists often fail to find the answers by themselves. In addition to the specialist and the generalist, there is the nexialist professional, able to connect people and apparently unrelated knowledge in search of finding links in the information.

Nexialists try to add a little order to chaos, confusion, excess information and opportunity.

Some characteristics of this profile are:

Communication: the nexialist has assertive communication, manages to be cohesive and effective in his messages;

Curiosity: different themes arouse the attention of this professional; everything is an opportunity to add new knowledge.

Multidisciplinary Vision: manages to establish connections between different themes, relating unlikely subjects;

Persuasion: has good capacity for argumentation and supports its vision in facts and data, not in opinions;

Proactivity: anticipates risks and needs, analyzes, plans and takes actions in advance;

Holistic view: able to look at the problem as a whole, no matter if an indicator alone is above average, the sum of forces and actions is what ensures a more consistent result in the long run;

Inquiring nature: always seeks the whys of things, is not content with the established standards;

Search for knowledge: the nexialist likes to know everything that is relevant, doesnt get tired of learning and seeking new answers.