Invalid Click blocking tools

According to Bing anti-fraud director, Microsoft’s search engine, fraudulent clicks are growing at a rate of 50% per year. This means that robots may be programmed to click on your ads to spend your campaigns budget.

It is possible to identify click fraud in a variety of ways. If you track your ad account daily, an abnormal cost increase over a given period may indicate click fraud. Also, if you have access to the IPs that accessed the site, you can identify by the number of accesses.

Another more effective way to protect your money from robots or competitors who spend your account budget are click blocking tools. ClickGuard is a tool that seeks to accomplish this purpose by preventing your ads from continuing to be consumed by fraudulent users.

What are the most common types of fraudulent clicks?

Click cheats
  • Multiple human clicks – These can be made by competitors or people looking to exhaust the advertiser’s budget. They repeatedly click on their ads in and out of the page for their balance to run out.
  • Robot clicks – These are schedules or scripts created to click on your ads automatically. They simulate browser navigations by clicking on ads with no purchase intentions.
  • Mobile – Mobile invalid clicks are becoming more common, because they are more difficult to detect, because this type of fraudulent click can be “made up” in the form of applications. An average user can download a game on their mobile phone, for example, and every click the user makes while playing a game could be a hidden click on an ad without them knowing it.
  • Click Farms – These are large-scale operations specially designed to click on ads and spend ad budget. A lot of people are hired to click on ads to end the campaign budget.

How does the fraudulent click protection tool work?

Click Protection

ClickGuard works by installing a script on every page of your site and linking tracking code to ad tools such as Google Ads and Bing, for example. Thus, ClickGuard tracks the action of users on your website by collecting activity data and information. Each action that users take is analyzed by the tool and classified into valid or fraudulent actions.

When a fraudulent action is identified, the tool records the user’s IP and automatically registers it in the IP blacklist in Google Ads. That way, your ads will stop being shown to  that person. If it’s a robot that’s switching from IPs to spending your campaigns’ budget, ClickGuard detects the IPs track and sends it to Google to automatically lock.

Google Ads has an automatic detection of fraudulent clicks when your ads are being clicked by robots and returns money in the form of credits, however, the tool is not one hundred percent efficient and allows you to submit a fraudulent click analysis request. In addition to blocking IPs and fraudulent devices, ClickGuard automatically sends requests when fraudulent clicks are identified in your campaign.

How much does ClickGuard cost?


Is it worth investing in ClickGuard?

If your account has a large investment in Google Ads or Bing ads, ClickGuard can help save investments by blocking fraudulent clicks. Advertisers who have a good share of their online traffic from paid campaigns can avoid losing customers because of fraudulent clicks that have exhausted their campaign budget.

Rotamáxima uses this type of tool, combined with other technologies to help customers to achieve more qualified traffic.

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