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Digital Marketing: Everything you need to know!

Digital Marketing is all marketing carried out through the internet, not just the dissemination of products and services. It also encompasses the sales strategy, price and the definition of how to meet the needs of the target audience. If you want to know more about Digital Marketing, continue reading this article and check out the […]

4 Major changes in Google Analytics 4

Released in November 2005, Google Analytics has been used by around 49.95% of the top 1.000.000 websites, being the most widely used website statistics service. Although there were several discussions about the impact in terms of speed loading that GA could cause, in December 2009, Google introduced asynchronous JavaScript code to reduce the risk of […]

Powerful SEO words that make people act

Content that delights people and makes them get the most relevant information, it’s made by words that impact readers. Strategically chosen words that have the power to influence people to take the attitude we want, making our revenues increase and we have more success in viewing our content. This type of strategy goes beyond just […]

3 unusual tips for freelancers to increase online work productivity

Freelance work is gaining more and more notoriety around the world. In Brazil it is no different. For those who have not heard of this type of work modality, we will explain. Those who choose to work freelance (also known here as informal) do not need to be affiliated with companies or institutions, offering services […]

Nexialist Digital, why your company can benefit with this professional

By Leandro Endo As I write this article, dozens of new digital marketing, productivity and management tools appear on the internet. According to a survey conducted by the, the global market has more than 8.000 digital solutions, in the areas of Email Marketing, Web Experience, Web Analytics, Audience Data, CRM, Chat Bot, among others […]

Bootstrap 4, reference guide with the most used elements

Bootstrap is an open source web framework for developing interface and front-end components for websites and web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, based on design templates for typography, improving the user experience on a user friendly and responsive website. The project was originally developed by Twitter, by programmers Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. Using […]

Essential applications for digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurship is increasing and this not only generates a noticeable growth in the number of e-commerce spaces, but also makes it to see increased market saturation, generating greater competition. Gaining visibility among competing brands is not always simple. However, some applications can help the entrepreneur and ensure their success. Learn about the essential applications […]


o que e fbclid

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